Dance Film  |  3m 40s 

A movement-based film that explores the complexities of depression through a woman trying to break free of what binds her.

the toughest battle you'll ever fight is the one within yourself.

Directed by Mae Mann

Cinematographer Ben Rountree

Choreographer Miranda Chan

Composer Tristan de Liège​

Featuring Miranda Chan and Jee Lam

Produced by Ben Roundree

Associate Producer: Ana Gabriela Goldoni

1st Assistant Director: Elise Orlowski
Locations: Andrew Samaha
2nd Assistant Camera: Tim Austin
BTS: Katie Grammes
Gaffer: Daniel White
Jib Operator: Ben Middlekauff
Production Assistant: Andrew Garcia
HMU: Katie Grammes
Florist: Katie Grammes

Audio Post Provided by Bronx Audio

Sound Design + Mix Sarah Weck + Geoff Strasser

Post Production Provided by The Mill

Post Producer Chanelle Larios

Compositors Alexis Jo + Drew Maloney

Colorist Andrew Ceen

Title Design Anastasia Kharchenko