Dance Film  |  3m 40s 

An exploration of depression


Miranda Chan, Jee Lam

I made this film as a means of catharsis - to understand my own struggle with depression. It's something I don’t know how to define or speak of eloquently - it’s been painful and tiring.


I feel incredibly fortunate to be in a state of healing at this point in my life, but there was a time when I felt consumed - like depression engulfed me wholly. ROOM is a film motivated by that feeling - being consumed by something you don’t entirely have control over. 


Directed by Mae Mann

Cinematographer Ben Rountree

Choreographer Miranda Chan

Composer Tristan de Liège​

Audio Post Provided by Bronx Audio

Sound Design + Mix Sarah Weck + Geoff Strasser

Post Production Provided by The Mill

Post Producer Chanelle Larios

Compositors Alexis Jo + Drew Maloney

Colorist Andrew Ceen

Title Design Anastasia Kharchenko

Featuring Miranda Chan and Jee Lam

Produced by Ben Roundree

Associate Producer: Ana Gabriela Goldoni

1st Assistant Director: Elise Orlowski
Locations: Andrew Samaha
2nd Assistant Camera: Tim Austin
BTS: Katie Grammes
Gaffer: Daniel White
Jib Operator: Ben Middlekauff
Production Assistant: Andrew Garcia
HMU: Katie Grammes
Florist: Katie Grammes