When I was 9, my father took me hunting where I killed a small deer that stood terrified in front of us. I felt so pressured to be someone I am not - I would often try to bury that person by any means necessary.  Being gay in the south sometimes means assimilating in order to survive. 

Being different felt like a curse, a punishment, something to lock away and never speak of. It took me years (and a few therapists) to realize, everything I am is everything I'm meant to be. 

Filmmaking has always been a means of catharsis for me. I write about subjects that are close to home because I want to figure them out. Though this is a fictionalized story, there are pieces of reality woven into every line.

Holding onto that truth - Moe’s truth as well as my own - is my main objective.

DECEMBER will feel human and candid, focusing on the reality behind each moment - that authenticity is what sparked this idea and will continue to push us through to the very end.

This film has my entire heart, I am so excited to be making it.


You can view my treatment here.


ava capri as moe

tara raani as charlotte

ben shaul as charles

martín solá as jay

written and directed by mae mann

producer: james masino
co-producer: pablo martinez arastey

director of photography: demi waldron

production designer: lexy pazul
wardrobe stylist: april consalo

sound design and mix: sarah weck