Portrait by Claudia Burgi

Mae Mann is a director and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Growing up queer in a small southern town shaped her into an artist unafraid of exploring the road less traveled while remaining sensitive to both her audience and subjects’ experiences. She tackles often overlooked themes in her work, delving into isolationism, mental illness, and identity - with an undeniable love for the underdog. 


In art and in life, she strives for honesty and is committed to the craft of storytelling. She has written, directed, and edited a dynamic collection of films that have played in festivals around the world, and holds numerous accolades including two Red Dot Design Awards, College Television Award Nominations, and two Gold Addy Awards. 


Mae is passionate about people and telling complex human stories with simplicity.

Currently working in creative development @  The Mill.

Let's collaborate: mvnnfilm@gmail.com

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Official Selection: 

DUMBO Film Festival, NOVEMBER, 2021

IRIS PRIZE LGBT+ Film Festival, OCTOBER, 2020

SCAD Savannah Film Festival, NOVEMBER, 2020


Shorts Out! Brighton FilmPride LGBTQ+ Short Film Festival, OCTOBER, 2019

Film Shortage, OCTOBER, 2019

Outfest Fusion, OCTOBER, 2019

Massimadi Film Festival, OCTOBER, 2019

Transforming Cinema Film Festival, OCTOBER, 2018

SCAD Savannah Film Festival, OCTOBER, 2018

 Bushwick Film Festival, OCTOBER, 2018

Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival, OCTOBER, 2018

Outfest Los Angeles, OCTOBER, 2018


Screening on Shorts Out! Program, Latest Brighton Local Television, October, 2019-2020

Streaming on Afrobyt, the first Nigerian subscription-based streaming platform, October, 2019-present


Best Short Narrative, November, DUMBO Film Festival 2020

Semi-finalist for best direction, Los Angeles CineFest, June, 2020

Red Dot: Communication Design, November, 2019

Finalist, USA Film Festival's 41st Annual International Short Film & Video Competition, November, 2019

Red Dot: Communication Design, Weird, 2018

Student Gold ADDY® Award, AAF District 7, Weird, 2018

Student Gold ADDY® Award, Augusta AAF, Weird, 2018

NATAS Southeast Student Production Award - Commercial, Weird, 2018

2018 Gold SCADDY Award - Film Category, Weird, 2018